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chaise longue

US [ˌʃeɪz ˈlɔŋ]
UK [ˌʃeɪz ˈlɒŋ]
  • n.躺椅;活动睡椅(可在户外竖起当座椅或平放当躺椅)
  • Web贵妃椅;长靠椅;躺椅系列
Plural Form:chaise longues  Plural Form:chaises longues  
chaise longue
躺椅a long low seat with a back and one arm, on which the person sitting can stretch out their legs
活动睡椅(可在户外竖起当座椅或平放当躺椅)a long chair with a back that can be vertical for sitting on or flat for lying on outdoors