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    Web王秀华 译."微软放弃Live Search图书、学术论文扫描计划". 图书情报工作动态.6(2008):18-19. 入库方式: OAI收割 来源: 文献情报中心 浏览 0 下载 0 收藏 0 其他版本 除非特别说明,本系统中所有内容都受版权保护,并保留所有权利 ...


    WebLearning Face Representation from Scratch Dong Yi, Zhen Lei, Shengcai Liao and Stan Z. Li Center for Biometrics and Security Research & National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition


    WebThe measurements were conducted from mid-August to mid-October 2012 at the Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Xi'an, China (Fig. 1).Xi'an is located on the Guanzhong Plain at the south edge of the Loess Plateau 400 m above sea level.Samples were taken on the roof of a two-story building ~ 10 m above ground level …


    WebHighlights We examine core factors influencing the adoption of telecare services in elderly segments. Healthy persons adopt telecare if onset of disablement is delayed. Greater physical restrictions cause the new services to be judged less reliable. Technology anxiety and restrictions diminishes perceived benefits from telecare. Intention to adopt telecare …

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    WebObtaining a sufficient number of accurate labels to form a training set for learning a classifier can be difficult due to the limited access to reliable label resources. Instead, in real-world applications, less-accurate labels, such as labels from nonexpert labelers, are often used. However, learning with less-accurate labels can lead to serious performance …


    WebThis paper presents a series of numerical simulations using discrete element method (DEM) to study the behavior of biopolymer-stabilized mine tailings (MT). Validation is conducted by comparing the DEM results with the experimental data. The macro-behavior comparison shows that the DEM simulations are in good agreement with experimental results. …


    WebThey can also be used to explore how schedule reliability may be affected by proposed changes in operating policies, for example, changes in minimum headways or dwell times, or changes in the infrastructure such as, layout of lines, platforms or signals. This model generates a reliability analysis for each train type, line and platform.


    Webrisk premium. According to Cummins and Phillips,21 the CAPM is the most widely used asset pricing model, and recent developments such as the Fama-French three-factor model and the full-information beta technique provide generalisations


    WebA Hybrid Approach to Web Service Recommendation Based on QoS-Aware Rating and Ranking. Mingming Chen, Yutao Ma. As the number of Web services with the same or similar functions increases steadily on the Internet, nowadays more and more service consumers pay great attention to the non-functional properties of Web services, also …


    WebA 2 × 2 array with pattern and polarization diversities is presented. The radiating element of the array is a stacked annular-ring microstrip antenna where four p-i-n diodes are symmetrically placed in the inner slot of the lower ring patch. By, respectively, activating these diodes, the element can generate broadside radiations with different polarization …