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Dogs can have best friends just like humans can. While they might be friendly with everyone, there's always that one that feels extra special, and that's who they gravitate towards. Playdates with
Yor Forger showcases compassion in heartwarming moments with Anya and Becky, proving she's a caring and dedicated mother figure. Yor's
CLEVELAND, Ohio – Many people saw it during Monday’s total solar eclipse. Some kind of reddish-pink appendage poking out from the bottom of the moon. It looked kind of like an upside-down V. But what
A goat in Kansas City, Missouri that was rescued after it made its way to the ledge of a bridge almost 80 feet in the air is "bouncing back like a champ." KC Pet Project, a
April 4 (UPI) -- Rick Slayman, the man who received the world's transplanted genetically edited pig kidney at Massachusetts General Hospital, is home Thursday after being discharged Wednesday.
Rescue operation teams worked Tuesday to save a 30-foot-long gray whale entangled in a massive gill net off the San Mateo County coast.  Justin Viezbicke, the California Marine Mammal Stranding
The following contains spoilers for Monkey Man and John Wick: Chapter 4 The Kid & John Wick are both motivated
An earthquake, a total solar eclipse and now a fireball. What a week for weather in the Northeast.Dozens of residents across the region reported seeing a bright
Humane Society of West Alabama:  Lola is a 9-month-old Whippet/terrier mix who weighs in around 35 pounds, but she still has some growing to do. This girl is super-energetic
At first thought, an epic movie might sound totally at odds with what's typically considered an arthouse movie. The former tends to be defined by a long runtime, numerous characters, a high budget,
MARTINSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Central High School softball team partnered with Sideline Cancer to raise money for a local woman battling cancer. According to Sideline Cancer, the team raised $5
A pelican in California received a rude awakening when its dinner was stolen from right under its beak by a brave cormorant. The aquatic bird was pictured darting into the pelican’s mouth to retrieve
Where to Watch Powered by Honor Among Thieves incorporates both
It was amazing. I would. We went out and started watching. It was then when it got pitch black, it was really, wow, amazing. And then the street lights came on and everything and then all of a sudden
Ahead of a dog walk, it is important to pack a lead, and disposable bags for obvious reasons, but there's one other thing many people may not even consider.A TikTok video shared to
Kansas City police officers Richard DuChaine and Charles Owen parked on the street and bolted up the front steps into a home, responding to a call for assistance for a 1-month-old child who wasn’t
The 2024 total solar eclipse is finally here, and there is so much taking place that you may need an actual guide to the solar eclipse enjoy the complete experience. If you're just now
What's being called the most visible eclipse for the United States in 100 years is just days away, but there has always been a big question mark for Monday, April

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