Vitalik Buterin highlights decentralization issues: MEV, staking complexities, and node hardware requirements. Ethereum's ...
Gnosis' token GNO surged 20% as Thanefield Capital announced a $30M buyback plan, aligning market and intrinsic value.
Shiba Inu's price has made a bullish move, breaking out of a downtrend, but the meme coin remains vulnerable to a decline.
The weekend dip pushed the WIF price further below $2.50, from which it has slightly recovered to trade at $2.69 at the time of writing. If the crypto asset fails to breach the resistance marked at $2 ...
High Court judgment reveals Craig Wright’s fraudulent claims of inventing Bitcoin, rejecting his assertion of being Satoshi Nakamoto.
British police arrested Jarett Dunn for allegedly exploiting the protocol after an over 24-hour operation.
Bitcoin approaches $67,500 resistance, with potential for new highs. Analysts cite supportive ETF inflows and bullish sentiment.
Notcoin faces an 85% drop in value within a week due to investor sell-offs, despite Telegram endorsements and major exchange listings.
Chainlink's price is breaking through a key resistance level, likely surging towards $18, potentially triggering selling.
Solana DEXs led with 210 million transactions in the past 30 days, surpassing rivals. Raydium, Whirlpool, and Meteora showed high trading volumes in the past 30 days. Solana's network efficiency and ...
Crypto VC funding soared to $2.4Billon in Q1 2024, driven by key deals and positive sentiment, despite regulatory challenges.
GALA is attempting to break above a critical resistance level. However, the rise in its sell-offs may make this impossible.