With experience that spans the military as well as global computing firms, Jeff Miller will oversee the contractor’s IT and security initiatives.
While manufacturing and infrastructure spending keeps contractors busy, material price escalation has reemerged in recent months, said ABC’s chief economist.
Gas will soon flow on the much-delayed project, which received a green light from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Tuesday.
The Chicago-based construction firm anticipates the completion of the 26-story luxury multifamily building in early 2026.
The Maryland Transportation Authority contracted the Sweden-based company for $50 million to remove and dispose of debris of the ill-fated span.
Reinforcing the Design Collaborative’s strategic direction as its leadership team keeps a sharp eye toward the future, ...
The cost of the Greenlink Nevada transmission project has risen 70%, to $4.2 billion, due to inflation, supply chain constraints and labor costs, the utility said.
The firm will overhaul a section of the concourse and upgrade amenities on the $350 million renovation of the home of the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs.
Since the firm’s inception in 2018, Shadow Ventures has consistently invested early in leading built environment frontier ...
In the ever-evolving landscape of building construction, there’s a growing awareness over indoor air quality. And for good reason. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has discovered that air ...
The entertainment company may construct a fifth theme park in Orlando, following an initial agreement with the local oversight board.
These types of accounts help contractors, lenders and suppliers protect funds from online fraud while keeping a project on schedule, writes title expert Michael Stump.