The shock replacement of the Democratic presidential candidate less than four months before the US election has introduced a new element of uncertainty about the outlook for economic policy in 2025 and beyond.
The United States has had its fair share of political dynasties throughout the country’s history, like the Adamses, Roosevelts and Kennedys, to name a few — but for the last half-century, three families in particular have dominated White House politics.
If you're planning to vote in the general election in November, make sure you are registered to vote before the deadline.
"America is at an inflection point," Biden, 81, said in his primetime remarks. "America is going to have to choose between moving forward or backward"
State election directors from across the country have voiced serious concerns to a top U.S. Postal Service official that the system won’t be able to handle an expected crush of mail-in ballots in the November election.
The Supreme Court on Monday turned down a request from a former Colorado county clerk to halt her upcoming trial on charges stemming from her alleged involvement in an apparent security breach at the county’s election offices in 2021.
Trump VP pick: Trump has chosen Sen. J.D. Vance (Ohio) as his running mate, selecting a rising star in the party and a previously outspoken Trump critic who in recent years has closely aligned himself with the former president.
In early July, a man wearing a gator face mask, sunglasses, and camera equipment attached to a vest walked into the elections building in King County, Washington, and began to take videos and photos of the employees and their surroundings.
Despite the ultra-heated political atmosphere surrounding the 2024 elections, Sheriff Gregory Tony has declared that voter intimidation won’t be tolerated at polling sites in Broward County. “The
President Biden will address the nation in primetime on Wednesday, three days after dropping his reelection bid and endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris as his replacement to take on former President Donald Trump.